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As people on the move, we find it difficult to eat at home every day. Over the years we have grown frustrated with the diminishing quality and lack of environmental conscience of quick service food at most places we travel, especially in the midwest. Naked Burrito is built on the idea that you can have unique, healthy and quality food super fast while also keeping sustainable practices.

Everything we give our customers is biodegradable or compostable in a commercial compost facility. We take all of our kitchen and customer waste and give it to MyGreenMichigan, who gives it to Hammond Farms to compost which they sell to farmers. We would like to keep our food naked, clean and healthy, while also trying our best to reduce food and plastic waste. 

At Naked Burrito we want to create the ultimate bowl, with crazy good meats and plenty of great toppings that redefines quality in a fast service restaurant. In today's culture of the endless pursuit of profits, we have created food in fast food chains that are neither healthy nor sustainable. We want to create a different paradigm in how we serve fast, quality, sustainable food. With quality organic meats, served in compostable, biodegradable containers, and fresh toppings/salsas every morning, our food is good to look at, and tasty in our mouth. Never had us before? Come try it out. You will be delighted. Can't make the trip? Order online and we will deliver.



We offer a unique fusion of Mexican food, and we have something for everyone. We serve halal meats, vegan options and cater to many allergy restrictions. Come try our tender 5 Spice Duck or our savory Angus Chuck Roast. The juicy sliced Portobello mushroom caps will tantalize any taste buds! For those looking for spice, we suggest our delicious Halal Cumin Lamb. For a Tex-Mex feel head south of the border with our Halal Chicken Enchilada. For those with a sweet tooth bite into our sweet Grilled Honey Chicken.

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